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Questions To Ask A Probate Attorney In Delaware

Questions To Ask A Probate Attorney In Delaware
Video Transcription

This is Tim again with Opp Real Estate. You may be wondering what questions to ask a probate attorney, right? So, in our experience you should ask these following questions.

One, how much do you charge? Okay? Very important. Number two, how do you take payment? Do you require retainer upfront? Some attorneys, many of them, in our experience require, you know, it could be one, two, three, four, $5,000 upfront depending on the amount of work they estimate, or, you know, the size of the estate.

Some charge hourly. Some charge a flat rate. Some may charge at the end, as well. So, definitely ask, not only how much they charge, but also how they take payment. Okay?

Number three, do they have any paralegals that can work for them at a lesser rate? A lot of times the attorneys, they outsource the work to the paralegals anyway. So, definitely ask that, see if you can get a little bit of a break there.

Number four, how much experience do they have working with estates? You know, working with probate cases, working with estate tax returns, having to do that. I would definitely ask about that as well.

So those are just a few questions that I would ask an attorney if you’re looking for, you know, probate help. If you have any other questions, you can always reach out to us as well. We’re happy to help or give you referrals.

Again, this is Tim with Opp Real Estate, just giving you some tips on what questions to ask a probate attorney in Delaware. Thanks, bye.

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