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Cost of Probate in Delaware

Explaining the cost of opening a probate estate in Delaware, especially for executors/personal administrator who need to know this cost.

Cost of Probate in Delaware
Video Transcription

Hello everyone. Tim with Opp Real Estate here. You may be wondering how much it the cost of probate is in Delaware, and that really depends on the value of the estate. The initial filing fees can be anywhere from $25 up to $100 or plus, depending on the value of the estate, if it’s under 30,000 if it’s 25, if it’s over a million it’s more than $100 plus, but besides that there’s a 1.75% closure fee of the estate. You couple that with other filing fees for other documents, attorney fees, court fees, appraisal fees, really depending. Sources say that the cost of probate in Delaware is usually between 3-7% of the total estate. So that’s what I would expect going into it.

If you have any questions you can feel free to reach out to me and my company, Opp Real Estate. Happy to help you out, or we can refer you to an attorney or we can just give you any advice or lend a hand. No obligation whatsoever. We work with a lot of home owners who’ve gone through this many times. So we’re pretty familiar with the process. Thanks so much guys, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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